ZIP screen
with Solar power

IF Design Award 2021 Winner

  • Self powered Zip screen
  • Integrated solar panel and battery bank
  • Does not require power connection
  • Installation completed in minutes

World's first Solar shutter

We use our expertise in the production of micro photovoltaic panels to offer the world’s first shutter solution equipped with a customized photovoltaic panel.

The panel, unlike currently used solutions, covers the entire surface of the cassette, creating an aesthetic tailor-made solution.

Ease of assembly and maintenance

Requires no electrical connection, fully self powered and installed in minutes.


ZIP screen revolution

ZIP SOLAR uses a photovoltaic panel across the entire width of the cassette for power supply. The integrated battery bank allows for trouble-free motor operation, even in cloudy weather. It does not require a power connection, so its installation on the window takes only a few minutes.


Integrated Photovoltaics

Thanks to the integrated solar panel no electrical connection is needed. Install in minutes on almost any window.


Minimalist design

The ZIP Solar system is designed in such a way that it allows the bottom bar to hide in the cassette when the fabric is fully rolled up. This significantly increases the aesthetics of the system and makes it completely invisible when exposed.


Reliability and convenience

Our own production line of photovoltaic micropanels allows us to create solar products tailored to individual needs.

Simple order process


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SolarTile installation

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Our work is founded on science, our reach is international and our mission is to create a world where people live and prosper in harmony with nature.


The VALLO SOLAR partners go back a long time having worked together since 30 years ago and developed multiple successful business ventures. We are investing heavily into finding energy solutions for a green planet.


To make a positive difference regarding the most pressing issues threatening our planet by introducing technology and products to fight global warming.

We are putting our resources around the world behind green energy.


We are establishing distribution channels for solar energy collectors and storage systems in Europe.

We are sponsoring research and development of new technology that is set to enter the market in 2023.