Vallo Solar Energy

Vallo Solar Energy is a green energy development and marketing consortium created by Thor Magnusson founder of Islandus Group and Paulo Mirpuri founder of Hifly and Mirpuri Foundation.

We are launching a new business in solar energy. We started our business enterprises more than 40 years ago and are well established with operations in multiple countries. Our background is in technology, banking, aviation, real estate development and automotive industry.

Now moving into solar energy, we are assisting and financing inventors in the development of a new technology in energy storage both for heat and electricity. We expect to launch a revolutionary fully green recyclable battery product early next year. The intention is to manufacture the product in Portugal for domestic and export markets.

Our non profit Mirpuri Foundation partners with governments, businesses, communities and individuals to address a range of projects in Aerospace and Medical Research, Marine Conservation, Wildlife Conservation, Performing Arts and Social Responsibility. We have recently completed the development of a substitute material to replace single use plastics. This is set to revolutionize the bottling industry and is being licensed to one of the largest food manufacturers in the world.

We are partnering with others we have worked with in the past to launch Vallo Solar Energy as an international consortium. The consortium includes businesses engaged in solar installations, construction, real estate development and transport.


The founders of the VALLO SOLAR ENERGY consortium Thor Magnusson and Paulo Mirpuri go back 30 years when they first cooperated in developing air charter operations in Europe.

Additionally they share a passion for philanthropy and activism for a better future through their non profit organizations, the Peace 2000 Institute and the Mirpuri Foundation.

Now with focus on energy transition to green solutions they have established the VALLO SOLAR ENERGY consortium working with their business partners and associates to become a major player in the international markets in the development and distribution of solar technology products.

Thor Magnusson - Islandus Group


Thor Magnusson is an Icelandic businessman and a peace activist. He founded Islandus Group in 1976 originally as wholesale distributors of consumer products in Iceland. The company has evolved into an international company with presence in the USA and Europe.

Thor founded Iceland´s first creditcard company in 1980 (Mastercard). Thor has over 40 years of international business experience in IT technology, aviation, real estate, hospitality, food supplements and automobiles.

Thor founded the Peace 2000 Institute in Reykjavik in 1995 and ran as a candidate for the Presidency of Iceland 1996.

Paulo Mirpuri - Hifly Group


Paulo Mirpuri is a Portuguese businessman and philanthropist. As chairman of Mirpuri Investments, he has invested in a broad range of companies over the years.  Under his leadership the HiFly airline has become the global leader in widebody aircraft wet leasing.

In addition to more than 30 years experience with international business development, Paulo is a qualified doctor graduated by the Medical School of the Lisbon University (UNL) and an Airbus qualified pilot.

The Mirpuri Foundation was established by Paulo to sponsor development of green technologies and energy transition for a better world.


We are developing and expanding the VALLO SOLAR Consortium. Links to some of our current business websites and partners: