Vallo Solar Energy
New Technology
for a Green Future

Vallo Solar Energy is a consortium of business leaders that have joined forces to introduce new green technology to harvest and store solar energy.

We are supporting inventors in the research and development of new solar energy power stations and storage.

Then we are opening up distribution centers for solar energy roof and window products for domestic and business use with battery packs.

The companies of the consortium employ hundreds of people in Europe and other countries around the world.

Currently we are looking for additional green energy innovations and products to add to our portfolio.

Our work is founded on science, our reach is international and our mission is to create a world where people live and prosper in harmony with nature.


The VALLO SOLAR partners go back a long time having worked together since 30 years ago and developed multiple successful business ventures. We are investing heavily into finding energy solutions for a green planet.


To make a positive difference regarding the most pressing issues threatening our planet by introducing technology and products to fight global warming.

We are putting our resources around the world behind green energy.


We are establishing distribution channels for solar energy collectors and storage systems in Europe.

We are sponsoring research and development of new technology that is set to enter the market in 2023.